20 Questions About Your Ancestors?

Often you see lists that people copy and paste into their Facebook feed where there is a list of questions to answer and you share them with your friends. So I wondered what questions could we have for our family history? So here’s my list of 20 questions about your ancestors.

  1. Which ancestor moved the farthest from their home?
  2. Where did that ancestor move to?
  3. Which ancestor lived in the most countries?
  4. Which ancestor couple had the most children? How many?
  5. Which ancestor lived the longest?
  6. Which ancestor gives you the most researching grief?
  7. Which ancestor is the easiest to track down?
  8. Which ancestor has the most unusual name?
  9. Who was the first ancestor born in the country you live in? What year was that?
  10. Which ancestor was a “bad ass”?  What did they do?
  11. Do you have a famous ancestor? What were they famous for?
  12. If you could meet just one ancestor who would it be and why?
  13. What family tradition carries on from one of your ancestors?
  14. What heirloom do you have that has been handed down through the generations?
  15. Which ancestor do you admire most?
  16. Was your ancestor a hero? What for?
  17. We all have core values; name one core value that you got from an ancestor.
  18. What was the biggest surprise you found about an ancestor?
  19. Have you ever been mad at an ancestor? Why?
  20. If you could have any genealogy wish what would it be?

I’m hoping that you’ll play along and post in your FB feed and tag Hound on the Hunt if you can.

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