20 Questions About Your Ancestors?

Often you see lists that people copy and paste into their Facebook feed where there is a list of questions to answer and you share them with your friends. So I wondered what questions could we have for our family history? So here’s my list of 20 questions about your ancestors.

  1. Which ancestor moved the farthest from their home?
  2. Where did that ancestor move to?
  3. Which ancestor lived in the most countries?
  4. Which ancestor couple had the most children? How many?
  5. Which ancestor lived the longest?
  6. Which ancestor gives you the most researching grief?
  7. Which ancestor is the easiest to track down?
  8. Which ancestor has the most unusual name?
  9. Who was the first ancestor born in the country you live in? What year was that?
  10. Which ancestor was a “bad ass”?  What did they do?
  11. Do you have a famous ancestor? What were they famous for?
  12. If you could meet just one ancestor who would it be and why?
  13. What family tradition carries on from one of your ancestors?
  14. What heirloom do you have that has been handed down through the generations?
  15. Which ancestor do you admire most?
  16. Was your ancestor a hero? What for?
  17. We all have core values; name one core value that you got from an ancestor.
  18. What was the biggest surprise you found about an ancestor?
  19. Have you ever been mad at an ancestor? Why?
  20. If you could have any genealogy wish what would it be?

I’m hoping that you’ll play along and post in your FB feed and tag Hound on the Hunt if you can.

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  • Lori Smith says:

    1.& 2. Besides all the ancestors who came from Europe to America, Henry Flick, my 3rd x’s great grandfather moved his family from Monroe County, PA to McPherson, Kansas (with a stop for awhile in Iowa on the way), and he and his wife and some of their children died in KS and are buried there
    3. Perhaps my Cassill (Kassel) ancestors who lived in Kriegsheim, Prussia and moved to the Netherlands and then to PA and then OH.
    4.I am, not sure which ancestor had the most children without looking them all up, which I do not wish to do.
    5.Not sure, but a great aunt of mine lived to be 103 from 1890- 1993.
    6. Mariah Warrensburg, born 1792 in VA, and Roderick Matheson born in 1823 in Perth, Ontario,
    7. Mary Frances Ingle and her side of the family as they are all well-documented.
    8. Yelles Cassill
    9. Perhaps George Moore, in 1691 in America.
    10. Which one? William the Conqueror who took over England? Or his 9 x’s great grandfather Charlamagne? Or Erik “Blood Axe”, a Viking? I have many famous and well-known ‘bad ass” ancestors.
    11. See question #10. I am related to many of the Plantagenet Kings, Capet Kings, Welsh Kings, Harald Fair Hair of Sweden, to name a few.
    12. A hard question, but probably Elizabeth Rhine Byers as she was born in 1779, came to Ohio when it was still “Indian Territory”, had 12 children, 130 grandchildren, over 1000 descendants when she died in 1884, a few months after being interviewed and an article written about her in the Chillocothe Leader Newspaper. She was an amazing pioneer woman who accomplished so much and could do so much. A strong, hard-working and amazing woman.
    13. None that I know of other than my paternal grandmother as I have continued to make many of her recipes.
    14. Quite a few pictures, a locket that has a picture of a 2x’s great aunt on my dad’s mother’s side, a chalk drawing of my maternal great grandmother and a picture of her mother underneath; a picture of my 3 x’s great grandmother and her 3rd husband.
    15.Again, a hard question, but besides my own dear grandmother whom I named my eldest daughter after, probably Elizabeth Rhine Byers, though I have many others whom I admire as I have a rich history and huge trees.
    16.I have many recent ancestors who were in WWII, WWI, The Civil War, the War of 1812, the Revolutionary War (I have found 8 thus far), not to mention 19 of the Surety Barons who created the Magna Carta and signed it in 1215, all the Kings and Queens in my past, the abolitionists. the Quakers, Mennonites, knights and comtes and high sheriffs.
    17. Honesty.
    18. All the royalty in my ancient history, some going back as far as 290 A.D. and all well-documented.
    19. No. Why would one be mad, no matter what a cad? It is old history and cannot be changed.
    20. To put all of my lines on scrolls, but it would be such a huge endeavor as some lines go down for 40 generations! Also, to find some of my more recent ‘brick walls”.

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