Using Vivid-Pix RESTORE To Enhance Documents

You’ve heard me talk about Vivid-Pix RESTORE for photos; in fact, I even interviewed the inventor; Rick Voight and he told us how you can improve your family photos (read my previous blog HERE.). But did you know that you can use RESTORE to enhance a document? Rick was telling me this in a recent email and I had to find out more.

We’ve all been there. Looking at census records or other documents and it’s clear, beautiful handwriting with everything easy to decipher. Then you get to the page that has your ancestor on it and it looks like this.

After using RESTORE you have something like this.

Handwriting can still be difficult to decipher but at least you can see it so you have a better chance of getting it right.

Here is another example.



You get the idea.

Best of all is what it can do for your photos.

(and that’s with no additional tweaking) I love Cora and Harry

If you’d like to give Vivid-Pix RESTORE a try you can. You can repair 10 photos for FREE  directly at Vivid-Pix RESTORE and then after that, you’ll have to pay for the program. You can try it HERE or you can purchase the full licensed program from Shop the Hound  (Canadian $) or directly from Vivid-Pix (US $).


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