Did You Have A Geni Resolution For 2019? Getting My Poop In A Group (Genealogy Rewind)

Wow, it’s already the third week of 2019. Maybe I’m just getting older and time is passing by more quickly. Did you know that January 17th was Ditch Your Resolution Day?

Well, I haven’t ditched mine. I know everyone says not to make resolutions because you’re not likely to keep them. But I think I’m just enough of a rebel to prove them wrong.

I think the trick is not to have made too many resolutions. Often we get excited about new beginnings and we make a list a mile long. Then we are disappointed that we didn’t keep them all. Sort of that “all or nothing attitude”. I still have the same resolutions or objectives that I did at the beginning of this month.

The Resolutions

  1. I’m committed to continuing with my scanning. I got quite a bit done in September during Scan Your Photo Month. I need to keep the momentum going. My niece; Miranda is getting married in August and she’s wearing a dress from one of several dresses that I gave to her. My mother used to have her formal dresses made by a dressmaker (that’s what you did in the 80’s I think). So when my dad and I were sorting through the things left in his house, this past summer, I found about 10 dresses stored in the basement. It’s one of those that my niece will be wearing. So what does that have to do with my photos? Well, I’m thinking somewhere in amongst all the albums (and I’m telling you there are boxes) there might be a photo of my mom wearing that same dress. So if you’ve seen any of my posts about my scanning project you might see the hashtag #theweddingdress.
  2. As January is National Clean Up Your Computer Month. I’m also committed to cleaning the files on my computer and organizing all those USB drives that I have. It may not happen in January. Right now I’m collecting them all and I’ll be starting those projects shortly.
  3. Lose some weight. I’ve been working on that since last year and I’ve made some progress. I’ve lost over 20 lbs but I’m working on losing a few more and getting more physically active.

If any of this sounds of interest, please join the Facebook Group; Getting My Poop In A Group and don’t be afraid to post. I want to see what your working and how things are progressing. Every couple of days I show my progress. I also post some suggestions and tips for organizing your photos or organizing your genealogy. Just think of it as a get together with friends.

You can also find organizing resources and products at the Getting My Poop In A Group tab/folder on this blog. There you’ll find the links for organizing your genealogy, organizing your photos, some product suggestions and even some info on weight loss. If you’ve looked at the pages before.. check back asI’ve updated them with additional info.

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