DNA Angel Project – January Edition

The DNA Angel Project – January Edition is on but you’ll have to hurry because there are only a couple of days to enter. You have until

January 31st, 2021 11:45 Mountain to do that and have a chance to win a MyHeritage DNA kit compliments of Shop the Hound. That’s a $109 Canadian value.

MyHeritage DNA Matching is a powerful feature that uses your DNA to help you find relatives. Hey, I’m always looking for new cousins.

When you test your DNA with MyHeritage DNA, you not only receive DNA Matches to others who have tested with MyHeritage but to those that have tested at other services and have uploaded their DNA. (Want to upload your DNA from another service? You can do that HERE.)

Why do we give any something DNA each month? You can find out HERE.

But most important is that you need to enter and you can do that HERE.

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