MyHeritage Animation With Deep Nostalgia

MyHeritage has been doing some incredible things with photos. Their new tool, Deep Nostalgia is absolutely amazing.

You could already colorize old black and white photos and enhanced those dull ones, as shown below.

Now you can do all that and add animation too with Deep Nostalgia. Have a look at my grad photo. Deep Nostalgia™ does not modify your original photos; it creates a short video animation of a single face that you can easily download or share. 

As with all the MyHeritage photo enhancements, you can try them for free. If you go HERE, you can colorize or enhance your photos. If you want to animate, you can just go to the top of the page and choose Family Tree.

Once you’ve given this a try you just might just want to get a MyHeritage Complete subscription and be able to research and colorize/enhance and animate all your photos.

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