RootsTech Connect Is Going To Be Incredible

I just got off a Zoom call this afternoon for the RootsTech Ambassadors, and I just have to say that RootsTech Connect 2021 is going to be incredible.

I know everyone is wondering what’s going on, so I’m hoping to answer some of the questions you might have.

First of all, there are 314,908 people registered from 224 countries, and we are just over one week away, so who knows where that number will end up. Could we reach 500,000?

The RootsTech Connect 2021 website will go live sometime on the morning of the 24th MST (at the latest). Because it’s global, there are people from around the world saying they are staying up to see what it’s going to look like. (edited with exact time from RootsTech Organizer. 🙂 I had it right the first time).

You’ll find it at Yes, the same site that you’ve been going to to sign up, but it will be transformed like magic to the conference then.

So this is how it works. Once the site goes live, The Main Stage is where the keynotes will take place. Also, when the site does go live, you won’t have to worry about time zones because you’ll see the live event schedule in whatever time zone you are currently in.

The first keynote will be on Thursday, February 25th, 2021, at 9:00 PM Mountain, and the Marketplace Expo hall will open four hours earlier at 5:00 PM Mountain. (but remember, once the website goes live, you’ll be able to see the times in your own time zone).

Once the website goes live, you will just be able to scroll and see everything that’s going on.

There will be 746 classes and 280 tips and tricks for a total of 1026 things that will be available on-demand for one year. Just think of it like Netflix for genealogists. You’ll be able to search for speakers, and you’ll also be able to find categories for various topics.

If this is your first time to RootsTech and you’re feeling overwhelmed, you’ll be able to go to “Guide Me,” and there you will be able to see; get started, and it will literally move you through the things you need step by step. They’ve thought of everything.

So here’s the thing, there is no schedule… you take your classes all at your own pace. The only exception is the Main Stage Keynote addresses and a few other “live” events.

The Expo Hall has 72 exhibitors and 20 sponsors for a total of 92 booths. There will be a button you can click, and you’ll be able to take yourself into the vendors’ booth and connect with them live if they are available. The vendor chats will only be available during the event from February 25-27th, but the vendor booths will be available even after RootsTech Connect is over. In case you were wondering, vendors will have special just like they do when you go to the Salt Palace.

Also, something that’s really cool is just like when you go to RootsTech in Salt Lake, there will be a button called “Ask Me Anything.” When you attend RootsTech at the Salt Palace, some people are wearing blue shirts that say “Ask Me Anything,” so this button is similar because it will connect you to a live person that will help you with your questions. There will be hundreds of people waiting to help you out.

There will also be chatrooms where you’ll be able to join and connect with other genealogists from around the world.

It’s going to be like no event ever before, and I can’t wait. So if you haven’t already signed up, you still can at RootsTech Connect. It’s really like an RSVP, but you’ll want to sign up so that you can interact and connect. You just might want to sign up even if you’re not a genealogist because you’ll be taking part in one of the biggest online events ever.

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