It’s Been A Busy Week (at least for some of us)

It’s been a busy but productive week. I’ve been spending some time at my RV lot at Lac La Nonne, Alberta, and when the weather was too hot (it got to 31 Celcius, I know that’s not hot by some people’s standards, but it’s hot for here) then, Cali and I spent some time indoors, and I worked on genealogy and DNA. Go figure, right?

I spent two hours on Tuesday at a webinar my friend Diahan Southard gave called, Dive Into DNA. This is a new program where she goes over several case studies. These case studies were chosen from participants in the class. This webinar is part of her program, Your DNA Guide –the Academy. I believe this was the second time she’d offered it, so be sure to watch for upcoming events at her site.

Your DNA Guide

I’ve been working with DNA for a long time, but no matter what, I always think you can learn something new when you take a webinar. What I learned from this webinar, and it’s not something I’d done before, was to use ThruLines to help you sort your DNA matches. Duh, that’s so simple. I was doing it through my matches, but this is just a straightforward way of identifying the matches you need to look at and then giving them those colored grouping dots. I also learned about a Google Chrome extension that can make adding those dots a bit easier.

Dianah offers other courses, such as the YDNA Course (January 2023), Endogamy Course (October 2023), Ancestry Tour (taken anytime), and her DNA Skills Workshop, which at the time of my webinar on Tuesday had 13 spots available for the August session.

The rest of my week was spent adding three new videos to my YouTube channel. They are What’s In Your DNA – Ancestry’s Chromosome Painter. If you haven’t looked at your DNA this week, you might not realize that Ancestry has added a Chromosome Painter. Now, this isn’t a Chromosome browser. What it does is it shows your ethnicity from each of your parents in each of your chromosomes.

Photo Tools – MyHeritage Deep Story

I also added Elizabeth Alice Clark’s Life Story Using MyHeritage’ s Deep Story as well as Photo Tools – MyHeritage Deep Story which is a video where I show you how to create and edit a MyHeritage Deep Story.

Now to try and stay cool for the rest of the weekend. Happy Hunting.

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