MyHeritage’s App – Reimagine

A few weeks ago, I received an announcement from MyHeritage about their newest app that helps you scan photos at home or on the go. It’s called Reimagine.

This week I took some time to try it because, as a genealogist, you never know when you’ll have the opportunity to scan a photo. I only have two albums left at home that I haven’t scanned into my collection, so I found one and got busy. But if it works well, it will be great when you visit family, and they start sharing photos.

You can download the app HERE.

Once you’ve signed up, you’re all set.

Here’s what I started with. Remember all those albums with those silver or gold corners?

Once you’re in the app, all you have to do is press the scan photos button. I liked the fact that you could scan more than one photo at a time, and the app separated and added each of the images to my gallery.

With the photos in your gallery, that’s when the magic happens. Choose the image you want to colorize, enhance, animate, or repair. This photo of my cousin, Bev, needed repair and enhancement.

Then I thought I’d try a little animation. (Click the arrow to start the video. She may just blow you a kiss)

In the case of my cousin Rick’s photo, I just enhanced it. You can crop, rotate, title the image, and add a date and a place.

When I look at my gallery on my smartphone, I can easily see which photos have been changed because they have that magic wand symbol.

Because I have a MyHeritage account, they are also added to my photos at MyHeritage. They can be tagged there, and the images can be added to my tree. I can download and delete them if I don’t want them in my MyHeritage account.

You don’t have to have a MyHeritage account because Reimagine is a stand-alone app. Anyone can scan a limited number of album pages for free to experience the power of the photo scanner. Improving a limited number of photos using the photo features is also free. Beyond that, scanning and improving unlimited images requires a subscription.


Once you hit that paywall, a yearly Reimagine subscription costs $49.99 US (or equivalent in local currency) and begins with a 7-day free trial. A monthly subscription costs $7.99/month and does not come with a free trial. Both plans include unlimited use of all Reimagine features.

I think it will be perfect when I go to one of my cousins’ homes, and they have photos I don’t have. Then I can easily scan them, and the photos never have to leave the house.

P.S. I was also able to download them to my FOREVER account. So I’m all set for my next road trip or when I find another album around the house. Happy scanning.

Reimagine Link


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