Do You Look At Your Old Genealogy?

My first question is, what do you do with those bits and bobs of information you’ve found over the years that didn’t connect with your tree? But perhaps you thought it might someday. Do you keep it?

This is something I started a few years ago. Each container has a family surname, containing items I haven’t dealt with or found. I think it may fit in my tree, but I haven’t seen how it does.

I usually look at the boxes once a year, but honestly, I think it’s been a bit longer than that. It’s one of my attempts to keep things organized.

So that’s my second question. If you do have a storage system for those unknown items. How often do you look at them?

I have absolutely all my proven genealogy in my FOREVER account. I call it Saving My Genealogy FOREVER. I’ve posted a couple of YouTube videos showing my process. I also have two FREE instruction sheets in my store, Shop the Hound. You can find them HERE. (if the system tries to charge you, just toggle the currency switch in the upper left corner.)


  • Marci L Hallock says:

    I have that same system only black and white.
    Plus I have emails with a surname on them that I send to my Gmail so they don’t get deleted.

    I look at something every month at least, but other things may go a year in between. I re look when I next tackle that surname.

    • Marci, I use to have a system where I focused on one family a month and then if I wanted a change I could do another family the next month of if I still wanted to continue that was ok too. Happy hunting.

  • Laurel Wilson says:

    I try to review documents, especially for difficult ancestors, every few months. Many times new information I’ve learned leads me to a new discovery or something will finally make sense.