Too Many Tabs Tuesday (One Day Late)

The tools and tabs listed here may not be new to you, but they are new to me, or I’ve forgotten them and found them again, lol.)

Yesterday I left the house to go to Dr. appointments thinking there was something I’d forgotten to do. Guess what it was? Isn’t it funny how your days get mixed up after a long weekend?

This post and the many posts I hope to write will be dedicated to all the blogs and tools I’d like to keep for myself, but perhaps they would also be helpful to you. Some weeks the list may be short, and some may be long. It’s my way of cleaning up all the tabs I open, thinking I will return, only to find myself with too many open tabs. At today’s writing, I have thirty-two, but I won’t write about them all as some are multiple tabs open on Ancestry and MyHeritage.

After the long weekend, I don’t really have that many tabs that aren’t Ancestry or MyHeritage tabs. There are a few that are as well. I’m working on a blog about DNA, and I’m working on The Beaton Batten Mystery I must admit.

  1. I have a close family member with Italian genealogy, so I found this article about dual citizenship quite interesting. How To Get Italian Dual Citizenship Through Nonna
  2. 12,795 possessions! Meet the woman who photographed every single thing she owns. Yikes, I don’t even want to think about doing this.
  3. As I said, I was working on my Beaton Batten Mystery and was fleshing out the tree and stumbled upon someone that I could use more info on their Military Pension, which brought me to Fold3
  4. One of my friends had a post about a new tool she was using for creating videos, so I signed up for I haven’t tried it yet, but it will be this next week. If you have experience with this tool, let me know your thoughts.
  5. DNA Painter is open, of course, because I’m working on some new theories for the Beaton Batten Mystery. I’ve gotten a couple of new matches, so I’m always checking the Shared cM Project and WATO.

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