Have You Checked Out SHOTBOX?

  When I was at Roots Tech earlier this year I purchased a SHOTBOX and it’s turned out to be a very useful product, even more useful than I originally anticipated. … Continue Reading →

The Genealogy Happy Dance

The other day one of the bloggers was speaking about Genealogy Happy Dances and I don’t know about you, but it seems like ages since I’ve done my last “genealogy happy dance”. … Continue Reading →

Happy Anniversary

Today marks the one year anniversary of Hound on the Hunt. I remember the date because I started the blog the same day as we had the celebration of life … Continue Reading →

March is Women’s History Month – Who is Your Heroine?

poster by Hilda Dallas, 1909 In the U.S. in 1988,  March was proclaimed Women’s History Month and if you’re from Canada like I am;  it was proclaimed a few years later in … Continue Reading →

Who To DNA Test or Not to DNA Test?

  In my genealogy research, autosomal DNA has become one of my favorite subjects  and sometimes the most frustrating. Just because I’m still in the learning process as to what all … Continue Reading →

It’s Christmas Time

It’s times like these that you become nostalgic, and just like Ebenezer Scrooge you are visited by the ghost of Christmas’ past. One of my fondest memories is that there … Continue Reading →

Family History Treasures

I call them family treasures but some people might call me a hoarder.  Not that I have a lot of old things but I find that some people don’t seem to … Continue Reading →

Where did I put that?

When your start doing family history it’s also a good idea to try, and try is the optimum word, to stay organized.. I know at one point when I was starting … Continue Reading →